5 thoughts on “How Are You Preparing For This Winter?”

  1. I’m trying to realistically imagine a chaotic and deadly winter, so that if/when it comes to pass I’ll be ready.

    On a more practical note, I’m doing a fair amount of cleaning and organizing, things in my life that I can actually control (and that improve my living space).

  2. I am growing some winter crop in the polytunnel, something I never really had the time for. We have chopped up wood for the wood burner and do grocery shopping in bulk. We are ready for anything!

  3. Since I have a history of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and since this pandemic winter will severely restrict my ability to safely go out in public, I’m taking steps now to put some healthy routines in place. I’m shifting my sleep schedule so that I can take better advantage of the daylight hours, sitting close to windows to soak up however much daylight I can get, and getting outside for daylight walks. I’m also trying to get into the mindset of seeing this time of year in a positive way – a time of rest and rejuvenation, of quiet and hibernation. Of pots of hot tea, soups and casseroles, long nights, fleece and flannel, deep dives into books, snuggling with cats, and red wine.

  4. The national weather service has predicted a colder, wetter winter in my region. I’m inclined to agree, due to signs that nature has been exhibiting over the last month or so. I have cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, carrots and parsnips still in the garden which I can harvest over the winter.
    My pantry and freezer are full of homegrown goodness and I have purchased a quarter of a pasture raised cow from a local farmer.
    We’ve stocked our woodshed with several cords of firewood to keep the woodstove going all winter.
    Finally, I plan to better organize my seed collection and to make plans to simplify my garden with a focus on crops that we really love and use a lot of.

  5. As the pandemic strengthens, physical isolation continues, politics gets harsher, and the days grow and stay shorter for quite some time, I am trying to do four things:

    – focus on things within my sphere of influence (e.g. strengthening my relationships via virtual methods, plan for next year’s garden),
    – take care of my mental health (e.g. list the things I am grateful for, plan for next year’s garden),
    – generate a list of things I can and love to do indoors (e.g. read about justice and stewardship of the earth, plan for next year’s garden)
    – align my values and actions with those who are disenfranchised, exploited, oppressed, and woefully under-represented (e.g. listen to the aforementioned, work on policies that will keep people housed in quality affordable housing— Minnesota’s legislature meets during a good portion of the winter months)

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