How Are You Going To Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year?

With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, Thanksgiving this year will pose some unusual challenges. What are your plans, and how are they changing from past years? Are you hosting people (and how many)? Traveling somewhere else? Are there any extra precautions you are taking?

Share why if you wish.

4 thoughts on “How Are You Going To Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year?”

  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. In addition to loving the (missed this year) extended family meal, I usually reach out to someone or many people to tell them why I am thankful they are a part of my life. This year, the meal will be different, but the public appreciation of others will not.

    So, I am doing two out-of-the-ordinary things this Thanksgiving:

    1. Before Rebecca and I have our Thanksgiving dinner together, we are going to meet outside with her cousin’s family who we usually celebrate the holiday with. We’re bringing desserts for them; they will give us some the the meal they have prepared. Hopefully the weather will be warm and dry enough for us to spend a little socially-distanced time with them before we head back home for this year’s feast.

    2. I am making a significant financial contribution to an off-campus study program that has provided me with an incredible number of amazing interns over the past 20 years (i.e. the Inequality in America program of the Higher Education Consortium of Urban Affairs (HECUA)). I am giving the contribution in honor of my interns. Here is a part of the note I will be sending the interns I still have contact with:

    “Thank you for making me and the organizations I have worked for more effective and creative advocates for housing justice. Whether it be saving the Renters Credit, passing a Minnesota Tenant Bill of Rights, securing $100 million for building affordable housing, or telling the stories about how homelessness prevention programs work, your contributions made real change possible. More Minnesotans are living in safe, quality, and affordable housing because of your work.”

    I cannot thank my former interns or HECUA enough!

  2. Marsha and I are going to have a private celebration, just the two of us. We might do a video chat with relatives. Nothing in person.

  3. I will be staying home and purchasing my meal To-Go. Not only does it support local business, it saves me on meal prep and dishes!

  4. Just Auntie Cathy,Uncle Steve, & Jessica
    Uncle Steve will smoke a fresh turkey, I’ll
    Make mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce,I’ll make & good old canned cranberries, pumpkin pie, fresh whipping cream
    Watch Football & take naps, looking forward to a calm relaxing day
    Sending hugs to you Michael & Rebecca
    Love Auntie Cathy

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