2 thoughts on “When Have You Exceeded Expectations?”

  1. Of course, the big one for me was biking across the country. I wasn’t sure I could do it, and even now I’m kind of amazed that I did.

  2. I’ll list three things. Similar to Lee, two have to do with going beyond my prior physical abilities:

    1. I ran seven marathons (the last one about 16 years ago)
    2. I was once able to do five types of headstands as well as many other yoga poses (it’s been at least a half of a dozen years since I’ve regularly practiced)
    3. About five years ago, I started up and maintained (for a number of years) a blog about living with Depression and Anxiety. While the blog is on pause now, I’m amazed I was able to start it all off while I was in the depths of both illnesses. It was therapeutic to me and, I heard, helpful to others.

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