Watch The Ball Drop Or Turn In Early?

As 2020 turns to 2021, do you plan to watch the ball drop (or some other symbolic moment)? Or do you plan to be asleep at midnight?

Share why if you wish.

Watch The Ball Drop Or Turn In Early?

2 thoughts on “Watch The Ball Drop Or Turn In Early?”

  1. After a year like this one, I want to watch every second of life that this year still has as it leaves its very essence. I want to see it’s last breath as the new year is reborn from the ashes of 2020.

  2. In a typical year, I go to a New Year’s Eve party and count down the New Year. I’m not doing that this year because I am avoiding crowds.

    Instead, Marsha and I are planning a movie marathon night. Which means I’ll probably enjoy a third alternative: I imagine I’ll be awake at midnight, but not paying the slightest attention to the actual year change.

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