5 thoughts on “How Many Times Did You Move As A Child?”

  1. When I was younger, we moved around quite a bit. I lived in at least a half-dozen places before I graduated high school.

    Moving so much meant I was constantly forced to make new friends, so I credit the fact that I am friendly to that. However, I also feel I don’t really fit in anywhere, no matter how long I have lived somewhere.

  2. I’m more along the line of Lee than Cecily. I know that my family moved at least 7 times while I was a kid, but possibly more (when I was too young to remember).

    I agree with Cecily: I hate moving.

    Thankfully, after age nine, my family stayed put. So I could feel connected to where I was, even though the housing I lived in was extremely substandard.

  3. SubLurbian: From birth to an apt, then small house. Next with 4 sibs a bigger super old house. CIVIL war house. Actually. Then a Brethren mission home. A painted lady Victorian. 4Bedrms. 1.5 baths. Two stairwells. Gingerbread and a wrap around porch. We played “Allie Allie In Free” until dark. There were no daycare homes. Little tykes took naps on a neighbor mom’s couch. So for me K-6th CIVIL war home. 6Th thru 12Th grade Victorian place. Then college and I been all over this joint. Dorms, communes, Nanny jobs, shackin’ up, couchsurfing Dude and all manner of alternative lifestyle options, ala elective poverty, until owning my own and then the one I adopted (one mother, one son) have moved…. Oh~ lets estimate around 12 times. Why? P.o.v.e.r.t.y.

  4. I lived in the same place from birth until I graduated law school at 26. I’ve had three addresses in my life.

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