Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner?

Everyone needs to eat in order to live. Which meal of the day do you prefer? Alternately, maybe you like snacking between meals more.

Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner?

5 thoughts on “Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner?”

  1. Never hungry when I first wake up, but usually am before noon, and I do like an evening meal, as a better time to eat with family. So I guess I am a Brunch and Supper guy. (For the record, Dinner is either Lunch or supper, whichever meal is bigger and more substantial, either physically or psychologically).

  2. I like them all — I like to eat! — but in terms of setting the tone for the rest of the day to follow, I have to give the nod to breakfast.

  3. Dinner is my most substantive meal. And as I like to eat, it makes sense that that is my favorite meal. That said, I don’t have a very adventurous meal plan. So, there’s that.

  4. Dinner. I love to plan out and cook meals and dinner it usually the most elaborate. I’m always trying out new recipes and ways to incorporate homegrown produce into our diet.

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