Questions Or Answers?

Are you the type that prefers asking the question, or getting the answer? Questions can frame the issue; answers can be very enlightening.

Share why if you wish.

Questions Or Answers?

2 thoughts on “Questions Or Answers?”

  1. I doubt it will surprise anyone when I say choose “Questions”. You don’t start a blog devoted to asking questions if you don’t think questions are powerful and transformative.

    However, I don’t want to skip over the fact that my (pre-pandemic) trivia team featured the following weekly ritual: While the trivia jockey was reading off the rules surrounding how the game would be played, he always used the phrase, “Please do not shout out answers” at which point I would shout out, “Answers!”

  2. I love questions, especially intro questions that help you get to know others better. And I won’t lie. I’ve used plenty of Intellectual Roundtable questions as intro questions to help get a meeting rolling with high participation.

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