High School Or College?

Did you prefer your college experience to your high school experience? Or is/was college just a waste of time and money?

Share why if you wish.

High School Or College?

3 thoughts on “High School Or College?”

  1. This is an interesting one.

    I’ve long held that I liked college better than high school. I went to high school in a small, rural town. There were not many options, and there weren’t a wide variety of people. At the time, I felt very limited, and I couldn’t wait to get away and have more, wider, experiences.

    In contrast, I went to a large college in a big city. There were so many more cultural experiences available to me, seeing bands and going to conventions and shopping at stores and on and on. And because the school had so many more people — my dorm building in college held more people than the entire town where I went to high school — I was able to find people that I had more in common with.

    However, as time goes on, I find that while I’m still in touch with both friends from high school and college, I’m actually spending more time talking to and visiting with old high school friends. I’ve slowly drifted away from some of the college friends that I thought I would be closer with.

    Anyway, I suppose my college years still win out, but it’s closer now than it used to be.

    1. I should also point out that there was a huge advantage to attending such a small high school — I got to do anything I wanted to do. The overall lack of students meant that just about any and all activities were open to anyone, regardless of actual skill or talent level. So I participated in many more extracurricular activities in high school than I did in college, where the competition was so much more fierce (since there were so many more students vying for the few positions available).

  2. High school was one long nightmare for me…I’m still dealing with the scars it caused.
    I don’t have enough college experience to say that it was better or worse than high school.

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