2 thoughts on “What Is The Favorite Picture That You’re In?”

  1. My 2015 cross-country bicycle trip across the United States was incredible, and I have hundreds of pictures from that memorable trip. My favorite though, is probably a picture taken at the conclusion, as I dipped my bicycle tire into the Atlantic Ocean, at Revere Beach outside Boston. I had my fist raised in triumph as I completed the more than 3700 mile trip.

  2. One of my favorite photos is of Rebecca and me with another couple friends of ours, Jason and Nick, who at times have joined us in our travels to Paris. In the picture, we are in a restaurant sitting closest to the windows, which have been fully opened up. It felt like we were part of both patrons inside as well as the crowds walking by outside. The weather was perfect. Loved Paris. Loved our company. Loved the meal. Loved Jason acting silly. Loved the crowd of happy people all around us. Loved the gentle, slightly cool breeze coming into the restaurant.

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