Salt Or Pepper?

When seasoning your food, do you prefer salt or pepper to add some flavor? What are the advantages of each?

Share why if you wish.

Salt Or Pepper?

3 thoughts on “Salt Or Pepper?”

  1. I like pepper, but for me it is more of an accent spice. I like to add salt on more food items, and I think salt tends to have more of an impact on flavor. Salt, I understand, has more of a negative impact on health.

    In the final analysis, I’d give salt the edge.

  2. Pepper, hands down. I almost never add salt to food, but I often add pepper to things like French fries.

  3. While pepper, and other spices, can make food more interesting, salt enhances the natural flavor of foods. I use salt in both savory dishes and on sweets, like my salted dark chocolate chip cookies.
    Salt is also necessary for the preservation of aged and fermented foods.
    Finally, sodium (salt) is necessary to our very survival.
    I vote Salt.

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