6 thoughts on “What Other Country Would You Choose To Live In?”

  1. Ireland, I think (if they’d have me). Their laws are becoming progressive, their landscape is luscious, and I wouldn’t have to learn another language!

    For the laws part, I note that in the past very few years they’ve removed Blasphemy as a crime, and legalized gay marriage and abortion.

    And I love a good Stout.

    1. Ireland’s a good choice. I love the Irish accent, and I enjoy the music too. There is nothing like a good reel!

  2. I’d probably say Canada. Geographically, it’s pretty close to where I have lived most of my life, plus there wouldn’t be a language barrier. I have friends that live there, and I have visited a handful of times, all of which have been pleasant experiences.

    That’s not the most adventurous pick, but it seems like a pretty safe bet.

  3. I’m basing my answer on places I’ve visited. I’ve been to Canada, Mexico, France, Luxembourg, Greece, and Denmark for longer vacations. I’ve spent half days in Germany, Belgium, Iceland, and Sweden — actually a full day in Sweden. Of the longer stays, I love France and Greece. Of those two, the varied islands of Greece and how relaxing they are give that country the edge. But it’s such a close one. I so love Paris and the south of France, either of those places would also make a fine home.

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