1 thought on “Have You Ever Broken A Bone?”

  1. I managed to go 43 years without breaking any of the 206 bones in my body. Most people I know fracture one or more bones in childhood, which is completely normal. Kids are still learning what they can and cannot do, and the good news is they heal quickly.

    I was unreasonably proud of the fact that I had never broken a bone, although in reality I suspect that just announces the fact that I am far more conservative than I should be; I am hesitant to take any chances.

    I finally broke my first bone back in 2013, when I was involved in an accident: while I was biking home from work one night, I was struck by a truck and fractured my tibia (where the impact occurred). My other tibia also had a hairline fracture.

    I healed quickly, although to this day, I have some pins in my tibia, which were used to hold everything in place while the bone knitted back together.

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