Who Is In Your Credits Reel?

Do you have an important project, favorite pastime, or significant period of your life? Of course you do; everyone does. Now, imagine it as a movie. Since this movie features you, you decide to stick around through the credits reel. Who would make the post-movie scroll of names?

For example, perhaps you trained for and ran a marathon. Who trained with you for the event? Was it just you? Did a few friends join you? Or did you run with a running club? Did someone coach you or the group? These people definitely fit in the cast.

The people who supported you in your training are also important. Some, most certainly, also fit in the cast. But some belong to the movie’s crew. Who provided you with weekly mileage and running time advice? If you ran with a club, a trained group leader likely filled this role. If it was just you or you and some friends, maybe you followed a book’s advice. Who was the author?

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On a more personal level, did your spouse or roommates take care of many of the household chores during the time you spent training? On a grander scale, do you know who staffed the race’s starting or finish line roles? Who took care of the water stops?

In addition, let’s assume you are even interested in some of the smaller roles. Movies often credit caterers. Did your neighborhood deli sell you an awesome sandwich to replenish your carbs and protein after each of your long training runs? Now, on to the movie’s soundtrack. On your solo training runs did you listen to a favorite playlist?

Of course, running a marathon is not the only potential “movie” in your life. Did friends help you with a major house renovation? Did doctors, a therapist, friends, and neighbors ever help you through a terrible illness? Each one could have it’s own movie, and therefore it’s own credits reel.

A credits reel is a decent metaphor to help you classify, name, and show gratitude for who helped you as you worked on finishing a project, improving in your hobby, or helping you accomplish or make it through an important period of your life.

So have at it. Think of a movie about you you’d like to watch. Who is in your credits reel?

Related questions: How do you show thanks? What are you grateful for? Who is your MVP for the year? Who would you like to give a shut out to right now?

2 thoughts on “Who Is In Your Credits Reel?”

  1. Who and what influenced or assisted my gardening journey? Check out my credits reel below.
    Have I missed someone or something for this list? Please contact me so I can correct the error.

    family, friends, and colleagues
    Peter Arneson, the Blackowiak family, Iris Charvat, Kristin Kringhaug Crouch,
    Darielle Dannen, Victoria Downey, Dorothy Hanson Holland, Cecily Hedman, Kris Igo,
    Christina Kamp, Mindy Kurzer, David Manuel, Laila Noort, Brenna Pappert, Cyndi Schultz,
    Ray Schultz, Chris Schlicting, Jared Walhowe, the Weiss family

    authors / activists / influences
    Professor Terence Ball, Wendell Berry, Mark Bittman, Eliot Coleman,
    Vice President Al Gore, Wes Jackson, Naomi Klein, Elizabeth Kolbert,
    Daniel E. Lieberman, Bill McKibben, Michael Moss, Marion Nestle,
    Michael Pollan, Louise Riotte, John Torgrimson, Rowen White

    equipment and platforms
    Apple, Inc.; Cannon U.S.A., Inc.; Facebook; HostGator.com; National Camera Exchange,
    Sony Electronics Inc.; Square, Inc.; ThemeGrill; WordPress.com

    Bluhm Brothers Landscaping, Inc.

    nonprofits / institutes / organizations
    Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute, Michigan Good Food Charter,
    Minnesota Food Charter Network, Rodale Institute, St. Anthony Park Garden Club
    Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

    seed companies
    Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, Seed Savers Exchange,
    Renee’s Garden, Territorial Seed Company

    supply companies
    Egg | Plant Urban Farm Supply, Frattallone’s Ace Hardware,
    Gurney’s Seed and Nursery Co., Menards, MetalGardenBeds.com

  2. The obvious “movie credits” to construct are those for Intellectual Roundtable itself. You might think it is just a two-man show between Michael and myself, since we do the heavy lifting here. But that is *far* from the case. The number of people who support us, assist us, or who directly inspire this effort is much, *much* larger.

    However, I don’t have time to write this up at the moment and do a credible job, so a full list will have to wait until later this afternoon.

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