Toilet Paper Roll: Over Or Under?

Some might say this doesn’t matter. They are wrong. When you put on a new toilet paper roll, is the roll going over (toward you), or under (away from you)?

Share why if you wish.

Toilet Paper Roll: Over Or Under?

6 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Roll: Over Or Under?”

  1. It fascinates me that people care so much about this, but clearly they do. Functionally, there is no difference. Toilet paper is dispensed either way.

    What is it about the human personality that has us pick a side, so to speak, and stay consistent for decades?

  2. I’m glad that everyone so far has given the correct answer. To explain why the other answer is wrong is the definition of a tautology.

  3. It truly depends on my cat’s mood on whether or not I even want to jeopardize the integrity of the TP in the first place.
    I may not be able to put it on the roll at all.

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