Stove-top Or Microwave?

Using a stove-top can be slower and create more dishes that need to be cleaned. Microwave ovens, while faster, can heat unevenly. Do you prefer one over the other?

Share why if you wish.

Stove-top Or Microwave?

2 thoughts on “Stove-top Or Microwave?”

  1. Besides the uneven heating that is done by a microwave oven, in my experience it seems like food heated in a microwave cools down faster, which I don’t like. So all things being equal, I prefer warming on the stove. Plus I almost never *cook* in a microwave.

  2. The answer is almost always both. On the weekends, Rebecca makes some soup, sauce, or mixed vegetable concoction on the stovetop. During the week that base is microwaved with rice, some form of dairy, sometimes beans, and often more vegetables.

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