Intuition Or Common Sense?

Intuition and common sense aren’t exactly opposites, but they are not the same, either. Is one stronger than the other in you?

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Intuition Or Common Sense?

3 thoughts on “Intuition Or Common Sense?”

  1. I find it interesting to think about the way these two are different.

    I don’t find common sense all that common, or all that sensical. For instance, common sense would tell us the world is flat. The world around us is strange enough that what seems right isn’t, in fact, what is true.

    So I guess I favor intuition — the set of experiences and knowledge that you have that enables you to make a snap decision. Most of the time, it serves us well (and keeps us from getting trapped by indecision). But, much like common sense, it can lead you astray. It can be quite difficult to have to overrule your intuition in order to take necessary action.

  2. I believe that we call intuition and common sense are actually manifestations of a well trained conscience.
    Basically, through the learning process, we develop the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, safety and danger, as well as the ability to weave our way through the gray areas of life.

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