3 thoughts on “Do You Talk To Yourself?”

  1. As the old joke goes: it’s the only intelligent conversation I can find.

    But seriously, I do find myself muttering softly to myself about whatever is on my mind. I often feel better when I say something out loud, even if there is no one that I am specifically directing my comments toward. Explicitly saying something somehow makes it more real.

    1. Since this question was asked, I have been paying more attention than usual to my behavior. It turns out that I talk to myself even more than I had realized! Particularly when I am alone, I will quite often state things I notice or that occur to me aloud.

  2. I replay conversations in my mind, especially when I have percieved the conversation as negative.
    I also have future conversations with people in my mind, over and over again. Sometimes, I think that I’ve actually had that conversation with that person. It makes for a lot of awkwardness when I bring up something I’ve “discussed” with that person and they have no idea what I’m talking about.

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