2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Participated In A Protest?”

  1. Yes. In the late 70s/early 80s at Groton Shipyard and Seabrook, to protest first nuclear weapons and second nuclear power.

    I believe NP is a good energy source, but human error is too prevalent to make it safe enough as the failure consequence is so outlandishly horrible. In addition, there’s no good way to store the waste. For me, that second is actually the biggest stumbling block, since it’s at least conceivable — though unlikely — that the first, human error, can be engineered out. However for spacecraft, NP would be a good path to follow.

    Protesting nuclear weapons was and is probably pretty futile (I certainly felt futile after the protest!), due to MAD needing to be maintained, insane as it is. But it’s possible that taken as a whole, NW protests may have at least influenced the world into making some treaties and reductions.

  2. Yes. It’s not something I do regularly, but I went to a few a year during the Trump years. There are times when I believe it’s important to show solidarity with people victimized by Trump and his ilk.

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