3 thoughts on “What Is The Most Used App On Your Phone?”

  1. My guess is a web browser. That’s not very original or surprising, I suppose. Followed closely, I imagine, by Facebook.

    I have a couple of game apps, one for crossword puzzles, and one for the card game Spades, that I use often.

    Rounding out the top five, probably, is a music app.

    (I have a iPad Mini and not a phone, for the record.)

  2. By amount of time, I hate to admit that it’s Reddit.
    I only view my selected list of subs, to avoid a lot of toxic content. But I find it keeps me scrolling. I do learn interesting things there and even comment now and then.

    By importance, my shopping list app (Out of Milk) is the one I’d most hate to live without. I plan weekly meals and make the grocery list on it. I can also make other lists, and have quite a few: books, music, movies, packing for a trip, fix-it projects…

    But perhaps the healthiest app I have is the one that plays white noise (or, my preferred “flowing stream” sound) into my sleep earbuds.

  3. The Camera App is at or near the top of my list. I love to take pictures of my heirloom vegetable garden. Also, the camera is out whenever I travel to a beautiful place.

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