4 thoughts on “What Was Your First Concert?”

  1. My answer will not surprise anyone who knows me: my first concert was seeing ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic at Valleyfair, an amusement park in the Twin Cities. I *think* it was 1985.

    I snuck a cassette recorder into the show and made a bootleg tape of the concert. You can primarily hear the screaming of the people around me (and me too, of course). I lent the tape to a friend in college, and never got it back.

    1. I saw Weird Al again just two years later in 1987, when he opened for the Monkees at the Minnesota State Fair.

  2. I was kind-of forced to go see Sha-Na-Na, performing in my town, as in ‘dragged along by friends.’ It was okay. At the time I was really not thrilled because 50s nostalgia was a fad that I hated.

    The NEXT concert I went to was by choice: Genesis in Philly. Not sure if it was post-Peter Gabriel as the year would’ve been right around the split.

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