Treatment Or Prevention?

The old saying says, “A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Is that really true? How often do you seek treatment, versus practicing prevention?

Share why if you wish.

Treatment Or Prevention?

2 thoughts on “Treatment Or Prevention?”

  1. Prevention wins, as it should. However, as ideal as prevention is, far too often we as a society (and me as an individual) opt for treatment instead.

    1. And yet it seems so obvious… I close the windows when it’s still nice and cool inside and out, so that as the heat rises outside, my feeble AC units don’t have to work harder getting us back to a comfortable/survivable inside temperature, because we were already there.

      I try to practice prevention in my health choices as well: exercise, right foods, etc.

      It’s always less work to stop digging a hole rather than keep digging and have to fill it back up again. But people are selfish, as an evolutionary tendency, and my hole may benefit me while hurting you, so I’ll keep digging. (I’m not going to stop using that window air conditioner, though I’d probably survive — barely — with fans, even though that very much contributes to the climate-change hole we’re continuing to dig.)

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