Just Or Unjust?

In your opinion, is life more just or unjust? Is there something that makes you feel that way?

Share why if you wish.

Just Or Unjust?

3 thoughts on “Just Or Unjust?”

  1. Well, I don’t believe that the world is either just or unjust, nor are any of the actions that we take. Rather than an inherent quality within the actions — or the world — “just” or “unjust” are simply judgements that we ascribe to them ourselves.

    With that said, the judgement that I hope I put into the world is one of justice, so I’m going to choose that option for this Throwdown Thursday choice.

    1. Lee, while I’ve heard and read many people who express the same sentiment as your first paragraph, I really don’t understand how it serves anything.

      First, some things are simply wrong. For example, plundering nature for personal gain/wealth at the expense of others (including future generations) is wrong. Or exploiting people (especially very vulnerable people) for power or wealth is wrong. Having an out-sized impact on climate change — as is the case for America — while letting island nations disappear under the sea is wrong. Slavery is wrong. Taking part in genocide is wrong. These things are not judgment calls. They are wrong.

      But let’s just assume that what you say is true. Doing so divorces humans from their actions until someone justly makes a judgment call about the worth of the action.

  2. I voted for Just. In the long run, good triumphs over evil. Sounds simplistic but that’s what I believe.

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