Books: New Or Used?

Do you prefer your books to be new and pristine? Or do you want the experience of hunting for treasure at a used book store?

Share why if you wish.

Books: New Or Used?

2 thoughts on “Books: New Or Used?”

  1. I prefer used books. While I like the experience of opening a brand new book for the first time, and I certainly understand the concern that a used book could have any number of problems from a previous owner, everything from dog-eared pages, to stains, to torn dust jackets or covers, and so on.

    But it seems to me that you are more likely to find an unexpected gem among used books. And I really like the idea that something is being reused and not simply thrown away.

  2. I hate to admit it. I like new things: new books, new gadgets and technology, new bags, and more. I think it’s a product of growing up poor and only having used and old things.

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