3 thoughts on “How Do You Listen To Music?”

  1. Primarily, I listen to music on CD. I own hundreds of CDs, and my wife and I have several different CD players scattered throughout the house (and even in my wife’s car).

    I also own music on some other physical media as well — a couple dozen cassettes, as well as a bunch of vinyl records (and the equipment to play them as well). I don’t listen to them very often.

    I do listen to some music streamed online, primarily where I work. I will occasionally watch and/or listen to stuff on YouTube.

    On top of everything else, I know a number of musicians, so I hear a fair amount of music live in various venues.

    I almost never listen to the radio any more.

  2. This has been in transition lately. I have a bazillion CDs, but in recent years I’ve been listening to them in the car more than the house. Then my car CD player’s loading mechanism died, and it wasn’t really worth replacing. I do have them all ripped and downloaded a couple thousand songs to a flash drive, but that’s hard to navigate while driving, so I’ve just been running it on random play. I haven’t figured out how to deal with new music yet—in part because it’s so easy to find anything on YouTube.

  3. Mainly, I listen to music for two or three hours on Sunday afternoon and evening. Sometimes, I use the music as background noise while doing something else. But more often than not, I am fully engaged with the tunes. In fact, I love watching live performances on YouTube and posting them for others to enjoy as well.

    I also put headphones on while working out at the gym in the morning. Sometimes I can hear my music; sometimes, the gym’s speakers are overpowering.

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