Do Or Don’t?

In general, thinking about how you approach your life, are you the type of person more likely to do something, or to not do something in order to avoid potential drawbacks?

Share why if you wish.

Do Or Don't?

5 thoughts on “Do Or Don’t?”

  1. In what seems like a recent theme, I like and and admire the “do” but I fear I’m actually more of a “don’t”.

  2. I’m a doer, particularly within the categories of food preparation and gardening. I’ll try any recipe, and if I can’t find one, I’ll make up my own. I’ll also try growing almost anything, even things that won’t likely thrive in my environment.
    It’s especially exciting to me when I can combine the two. Grow something and then develop a recipe to bring out its best qualities.

  3. I used to be a doer, and I’d like to be a doer. I even think about doing. But, I have to admit, I have slid into the don’t do position. Do you think I can climb back out of this cellar?

  4. I think of myself as a doer. I like to be busy and enjoy helping others. That sometimes gets me into trouble because I hate to say no. I’m retired now and am enjoying my freedom to choose how to spend my time. Finding the right balance between doing and not doing is one of my priorities. I pray every day to know God’s will and do it.

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