What Was Your Last Big Change?

In order to keep improving, things need to change. Some changes are big; some small.What was the last big change in your life?

There seems to be something hardwired in human beings that makes us adverse to change. We like to get into a comfortable routine, and stay there.

This might seem to be for the best in the present, but in order to grow, change is necessary. Even though that may make us uncomfortable, it is necessary.

Listen to a podcast where Michael and Lee discuss a related question: ‘What are you willing to sacrifice?’ We also discuss a bonus question: ‘What do you believe?’

Change can come in all sorts of forms. You might start a new job, or get married, or buy something expensive. Those things might be classified as big changes.

Some things, though, may not seem very big. They might seem positively puny. And yet, in the end, that tiny change might end up having an out-sized impact. Can you think of examples from your life?

So, you can define “big” in any way you like. However you define it, what was your last big change?

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2 thoughts on “What Was Your Last Big Change?”

  1. There are two times in my life I’ve been physically built. The first was 27 years ago when I went to a small neighborhood bodybuilding gym called Los Campeones (i.e., The Champions). A few months ago, I felt the urge to return to a gym and get back in shape. I also wanted to go to a place where I could feel like I was part of a community. And that community feel would keep me committed to going back regularly.

    I looked at Los Campeones because that’s the last gym I felt that way. I think I need an aspirational atmosphere to accomplish my fitness goals. (I don’t have the bodybuilding desires many of the other members have, but I am striving to get stronger than I am and do some toning up.) To be surrounded by people so dedicated to their fitness, I figured I’d be more inspired than I had been for a long time.

    So, a few months ago, I joined Los Campeones again. The place has grown some since I was last there. The old site is now three times its prior size, and it has a few more locations around the Cities I can go to if I want.

    I am just beginning to see the changes to my body I’d been aiming for. As I had hoped, being in an environment like that has kept me disciplined. I’ve gone to the gym at least five times weekly. Part of the motivation is that I see many of the same people at the gym each day, all striving for the best fitness possible.

  2. Retirement was my most recent big change for me. I’m enjoying it immensely, but working on the balance between over-committing and becoming stagnant.

    However, my life has been one big change after another, and I like it that way.

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