2 thoughts on “What Is Your Relationship With Your Pet?”

  1. One of the things that continues to amaze me is how drastically different animals can be — even animals from the same species. We have three cats, and all three are drastically different from each other.

    I suppose that shouldn’t surprise me, because the same is true of humans as well.

    For the record:

    Lettie: cuddle bug, super friendly, has some separation anxiety. Total lap cat. The alpha cat of the bunch.
    Coraline: somewhat skittish, overgrooms, drools like crazy when she purrs. Always wants food.
    Petra: loves to tunnel under blankets particularly on cold days, hangs out on my shoulders, prefers the high ground in general. Not a lap cat, but always wants to be in the same room as you.

  2. Luca, my pup, is one of my best friends. We both like hanging out with one another, and the conversations I have with him are some of the most meaningful ones I have.

    Let’s face it, our animal friends are loyal, perceptive, and very good at keeping secrets.

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