Repair Or Replace?

Repairing something that is broken is often more expense and takes longer. However, to simply replace is to generate trash and/or waste. Which do you prefer?

Share why if you wish.

Repair Or Replace?

1 thought on “Repair Or Replace?”

  1. There is no doubt we live in a “replace” society. We even have a phrase to describe doing this on purpose: planned obsolescence. We trade in our smartphones for a newer, shinier one as soon as we have a chance. If something breaks, it is so much cheaper and easier to toss the old one and get a new one — even for big ticket items like stoves or TVs.

    Personally, I try to do the “repair” option whenever I can. Not myself — I have no skills when it comes to mechanical stuff, and I am in no way handy. But I’ll opt to have something fixed rather than get a new one, if it is at all possible.

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