2 thoughts on “What Is Your Favorite Book Series?”

  1. I’m currently reading the Oz books by L. Frank Baum, which somehow I never read when I was young. I can certainly see why they are perennial favorites.

    My favorite book is probably Ender’s Game, and many other books in the series are very strong as well, notably Speaker For the Dead and Ender’s Shadow. But the end of the series kinda peters out, which detracts from the whole thing.

    I like Asimov a lot. His Foundation series is his most famous, and I certainly enjoyed them all. It also suffers from the fact that it losses it’s way a bit the longer the series goes on.

    I think I’d answer Asimov’s Robot detective books. Just three volumes, and each one is great.

  2. I definitely dived into Lord of the Rings and disappeared for many days from the outer world. But that was in my teens when I had much to escape from.

    For a long time I was obsessed with The Dresden Files series (urban fantasy genre), and the Honor Harrington series (military SF).

    The Sandman Slim series was a lot of fun for a while (also urban fantasy).

    Then there’s the Foreigner series (call it “cultural SF”) which is still in progress. I’ll always get the next installment.

    However, I think my favorite series of all time, that pleases my literary education roots and often makes me gasp in some kind of intellectual and emotional surprise, is Ada Palmer’s Terra Ignota series. Dense and brilliant! I believe it’s complete after four volumes.

    Also-ran: Martha Wells’ Murderbot Diaries, for just fantastic fun (again, SF, if that’s not obvious). Still being written, and would make a wonderful movie!

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