World Cup Or Olympics?

Both the World Cup and the Olympics happen every four years, involve countries from around the world, and inspire great passion. Do you prefer one over the other?

Share why if you wish.

World Cup Or Olympics?

1 thought on “World Cup Or Olympics?”

  1. I can appreciate the passion that comes with the World Cup, and I love to see each country’s fans wearing the flags and singing the national songs. And I love to see that even casual fans are learning about the sport, and maybe even seeking out a packed pub to watch the games with other fans.

    But It seems to me that the Olympics brings all of that, but in a wide variety of sports. If you don’t like the swimming events, maybe you will enjoy gymnastics. If you’re not a fan of cycling, maybe you will like track and field. And so on and so on. The Olympics is like dozens and dozens of World Cups all happening at once.

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