3 thoughts on “Do You Send Holiday Cards?”

  1. I still send cards some years. I like to receive them, so I send them. The practice is environmentally questionable, but I see it as a renewal of personal connection that, for now at least, is valuable and worthy.

  2. Normally I don’t send card’s.
    But there was a great sale on Christmas cards last year and I bought a few boxes.
    So this year as I was trying to get into the spirit of the holidays… I did send out a few card’s to family and friends.
    It was a helpful way to “Get in the spirit”
    So to speak.

  3. I love sending and receiving holiday cards! Maybe it’s because I like writing better than talking on the phone. This year I sent cards to a couple of fraternity brothers I haven’t seen in more than 50 years! I also sent a card and received a reply from a 102 year-old former golfing partner.
    My wife and I have a friend in a nursing home. She doesn’t write or call, but I hope she appreciates an occasional card, and visit.
    In summary, holiday cards are one of my favorite things this time of year.

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