Sudoku Or Crossword?

What is your puzzle of choice when you need a distraction: a crossword, or a Sudoku? Or is there another puzzle you prefer?

Share why if you wish.

Sudoku Or Crossword?

3 thoughts on “Sudoku Or Crossword?”

  1. Definitely Sudoku!
    I’m horrible at trivia so numbers are much easier to play with. Then when I solve the puzzle…Wee … What a wonderful sense of satisfaction!

  2. I do a daily crossword puzzle. While I have done Sudoku in the past, I’ve never stuck with it.

    I guess that’s a bit odd to choose the word puzzle, considering that I am a math guy.

  3. While I am a bigger fan of Sudoku, I have started doing crosswords and logic problem puzzles as well. Keep the brain healthy, you know.

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