Who Do You Want To Reestablish Contact With?

Of all the people you have known over your lifetime, are there people you have lost touch with that you would like to contact once again?

As social animals, the relationships we have with others are tremendously important. Part of what makes life enjoyable is the pleasure we get from the presence of other people. The company of a good friend is irreplaceable.

And yet, as the years go by, we might lose touch with one or more of these people. There are many reasons why this might happen: someone moves away. Busy lives and/or full schedules. A falling out over religion, or politics, or some other personal matter. You can probably think of others.

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Technology is a two-edged sword when it comes to maintaining relationships.

In some ways, it is easier than ever to stay in touch. People carry phones with them everywhere. Video conferencing is ubiquitous. Sending a text message or an email is fast and easy, and messages can travel around the world in a matter of moments.

However, social media — despite the name — inhibits social interaction. If you can read a post, scroll though someone’s feed, or watch a recording, why would you need additional contact? In fact, calls are frowned upon in favor of texts, yet a text message is much less interactive than a call.

Is there someone — or multiple someones — from your life that you wish you were more frequently in touch with? Whose company you miss, but for whatever reason you are no longer in regular contact?

If a good friend, or mentor, or confidant, has died, of course, they are beyond connection. Short of that, can you pinpoint exactly why you lost touch with someone you like? And what, if anything, might you do to change that?

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3 thoughts on “Who Do You Want To Reestablish Contact With?”

  1. I would like to reestablish contact with my high school guidance counselor (and cheerleading coach). Despite excellent grades and a love of learning, I had no idea college could be in my future. When I went to my counselor with my career plan, well, I really didn’t have one. She helped me see that I could likely get accepted into many schools with a mix of need-based economic grants and federal loans.

    I’d love to sit down for a cup of coffee with my high school guidance counselor to tell her how much she changed the course of my life.

  2. In November, I resolved to use these long winter nights to reconnect with people I hadn’t seen in too long. Michael was one of the first. I checked a former mentee and his bestie off the list tonight, and have a few more people in mind for the rest of the winter.

  3. I have been extremely fortunate to have reconnected with two people in my life.
    One a dear friend who lives far away. Social media is to thank for that one. Twenty years of no contact with her.
    Yet it seems like the “good old times “,we were able to pick right up where we left off. Lots to share! Twenty years of life experience to catch up on.
    The other person is a dear cousin.
    One thing special about her is that her support and encouragement is priceless.
    And if you want to include some family members that have come back into my life due to a particular incident.
    I imagine they count too!
    It’s wonderful to hear what their life journey has been like for them

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