Travel Light Or Pack A Lot?

When you travel, do you take everything with you, or are you a minimalist when it comes to packing? Do you travel light, or pack a lot?

Share why if you wish.

Travel Light Or Pack A Lot?
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2 thoughts on “Travel Light Or Pack A Lot?”

  1. When I did my cross-country bike ride years ago, I had my bike, all my gear, and most of my clothes all shipped to the west coast. When I flew out, days later, all I had with me was the clothes I was wearing.

    It was pretty glorious not to be lugging a heavy suitcase, or be worried about getting on board the plane while there was still space in the overhead compartments, or have to wait at the luggage carousel after the fact (let alone pay for checked bags).

    I know that was an unusual situation, but traveling light is definitely more appealing to me.

  2. For work, I pack a lot — I spend my days at the Minnesota Capitol and need papers and technology at my ready. For travel, I pack light compared to most people.

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