Exercise Or Eat Healthy?

Just about every fitness or weight loss regimen includes two things: exercise and eating healthy foods. Certainly, both are good things. But is one more important than the other?

For instance, are you more likely to lose weight by exercising constantly but eating terrible food, or changing your diet but being mostly sedentary?

Finally, do you prefer one over the other? You may enjoy eating fresh, green food. Or you may like the endorphin rush from working out.

Share why if you wish.

Exercise Or Eat Healthy?

2 thoughts on “Exercise Or Eat Healthy?”

  1. Both are essential for health, but from what I’ve seen in science reporting, exercise has so many benefits apart from weight management that the scale (haha) tips that way strongly.

    Bone mass, heart health, emotional health and more are affected positively by exercise, according to current epidemiological studies and meta-studies I’ve seen.

    It’s not opinion and feelings that will decide this question, however, but facts as they are discovered and relayed to the public.

  2. This question is more complicated than it seems. If you want to lose weight, eating healthy as a lifestyle choice is more likely to produce results than exercise. If giving up bad foods is not something you cannot sustain, exercise carries many benefits and can improve your physical and mental health.

    That said, if you’re also looking at healthy foods for environmental reasons, hands down, you can reduce your carbon footprint by forsaking processed foods and reducing or eliminating your meat consumption. High-fructose corn syrup is not only used to produce unhealthy foods, it’s taking up cropland that could be put to better use growing nutritious food for humans. This brings up my last point: we are using cropland to grow food for farm animals that will then be eaten by humans. Not only does this bring up the ethics of eating animals, it again is only possible by using cropland less efficiently. With so many people in the world starving, using my money to support growing foods for humans is the right choice.

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