Politics: Local Or National?

When it comes to politics, which do you pay more attention to: politics at the local level, or at the national level? Which one is more important?

Share why if you wish.

Politics: Local Or National?

1 thought on “Politics: Local Or National?”

  1. It seems to me that national politics gets all the attention. Turnout is demonstrably lower when there is not a presidential election, for example. And people are much more likely to watch a debate between presidential candidates than between candidates for governor or mayor.

    But I also think people SHOULD care more about local politics, as what happens at the local level impacts people much more than who is president. Local government is in charge of the roads you drive on every day, your garbage and recycling pickup, how much teachers are paid at the local school, and on and on.

    Why people don’t pay more attention to these things confuses me.

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