Sweet Or Sour?

Your tongue can experience different tastes. Two of the most significant are sweet and sour. Do you prefer one over the other?

Share why if you wish.

Sweet Or Sour?

3 thoughts on “Sweet Or Sour?”

  1. While I do love the sweet and sour taste of the candy Lemonheads, I think I’ll side with sour. I like eating lemons, and I am not a fan of most candies because of their intense sweetness.

  2. I have a sweet tooth, but I must admit that I have an odd fascination with the sour taste. I’m not fanatic about it, but I definitely see the appeal.

    But sweet wins out.

  3. I vote sour. Did you know that without acidity, some of the sweet foods that you love would be very bland?! For example, honey has a pH of 3.9, that’s more acidic than coffee or orange juice!

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