Trade School Or College?

With college prices climbing ever higher, there has been discussion about alternatives to a college education, like trade school. Do you think one is better than the other (including cost)?

Share why if you wish.

Trade School Or College?

2 thoughts on “Trade School Or College?”

  1. Yes, college costs much more than it did when I was a student in the early 90s. But I almost went to a trade school (which I get works for a lot of people). My life would have taken a completely different trajectory. And I would have never become the social justice advocate I’ve had the fortune of being. College gets my vote.

  2. I still believe attending college has value, but it is certainly true that in my life, of all of the jobs that I have had, only a few, brief ones have been as a result of what I studied in college.

    And I would most definitely be more hesitant looking at $100,000 in debt (or more) rather than the $10,000 I graduated with.

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