How Do You Deal With Uncertainty?

Being in an uncertain situation can be extremely frustrating. Is there a way you have learned to deal with uncertainty?

Human beings, generally, feel more in control — and therefore, more comfortable — the more they know about something. In fact, that urge has been behind much of the development of science and technology over the last few hundred years. Wanting to know more, about how the world works and ways to modify it, is something that comes naturally to our species.

While this is true at a societal level, it is also true at an individual level as well. The more information we have, the more in control we feel.

For example, someone who has been diagnosed with a disease will often learn everything they can about it. Even very complicated systems, like the stock market or the political realm, people will study in great detail, trying to gain an edge.

In reality, knowing more does not always confer an advantage. So-called experts do not have a better record predicting the future than anyone else. There are plenty of examples of a basketball novice finishing ahead of a diehard fan in March Madness brackets, for instance.

There are certain times and certain situations that are completely out of your control. In that case, what do you do? Can you learn to embrace the uncertainty? Or instead, are there methods to feel more in control of an inherently uncontrollable scenario?

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2 thoughts on “How Do You Deal With Uncertainty?”

  1. Enter into uncertainty understanding all and readying yourself to access the personal strengths needed for a particular situation. Be flexible. Try out strengths that pertain to the specific situation. Or lie low if circumstances don’t allow you to move forward or hold your ground.

  2. Lately, there’s been a ton of uncertainty in my life! I moved to the other side of the city. It feels like the country to me. (Well actually it is.) The roads are different. The stores are in different palaces. My familiar routines have changed. My work atmosphere is challenging.
    I’ve been able to address it with a sense of adventure. Instead of being anxious about it.
    I get lost frequently; it just helps me find out where I’m going for the next trip.
    Taking this road of uncertainty for me has been scary but good.
    My whole life has changed! That doesn’t make it bad.
    As I said it feels like an uncertain adventure, without knowing what the future holds. And it’s okay.

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