What Embarrasses You?

We all get embarrassed at one time or another. If you think back on those times, can you find a common thread to what embarrasses you?

There are many things that people find embarrassing. For some, it might be a bodily function of some sort. For others, it might be something normally kept private. And of course, there are many others as well.

While it can be uncomfortable to think about those things that make you feel shame, it can also be helpful. By identifying what embarrasses you, you might be able to avoid awkward situations. Or, in the best case scenario, you might realize there is nothing to be embarrassed about after all.

If you think back to the last time you were embarrassed, what was it about? Can you pinpoint why it is that situation makes you feel shame? Is it something taught you by your parents? Was it a result of your peers laughing at or making fun of you? Or something else entirely?

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1 thought on “What Embarrasses You?”

  1. First, I get embarrassed when I forget someone’s name, publicly or privately. Second, still regarding memory and recall, I embarrass myself when I tell people I have a certain number of points I’d like to make as a part of a discussion but can only (immediately) remember the first point — this happens all the time. Third, while I know I should not be ashamed of my mental health issues, I feel humiliated when I experience high Anxiety or a panic attack in public.

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