7 Or 13?

7 or 13?

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7 Or 13?

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  1. Seven is the best number in choreography. You don’t really want 10 or 12 dancers on the stage and to tell you the truth and uneven number though you wouldn’t think so makes a dance look better. You don’t take six or eight or four or two dancers and Center them around equal distance from each other and do something in unison. Boring! The seven of it all I discovered one time when there were eight of us in a dance called cathedrals and one went to the hospital because she had such a high fever and so with seven then we had to reconfigure and it made everything a little bit uneven and that was what made it more beautiful. I like seven anyway cuz three and four are good numbers kind of like stacking a pyramid and also seven is a good one to memorize the multiples of. Or in counting your week dates on a calendar you have to do that mental double backflip to think well what day and what month is it and when is seven days later? Sevens also a good number cuz when you reach your 70s you don’t really care what you say anymore … you’ve been there you’ve done that you’ve got the T-shirt. You’re going to speak unencumbered and not really give one hang what anyone thinks of your opinion. You’re not going to carry rancor and bitterness in your body any longer cuz you’ve seen how unhealthy that could ever have been. You’re going to want to walk because if you don’t use it you’re going to lose it and why not walk seven blocks everyday and then seven blocks back home would that be half a mile? Anyway you get the draft if you started looking for sevens they’re everywhere. And then they say seven come 11. And then isn’t that movie about the bank robbery seven women or seven men and quite hilarious when they were redundant of each other? Any who also little tiny kids can usually count backward if you start at 7 and say 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 blast off that’s always kind of fun to stay when you’re in a group of kindergarteners or younger. See who knows what they’re doing see whose parents have taught them that. 13 seems unlucky not just on Fridays but in hotels. They don’t even number a 13th floor I understand. And I think there’s some spooky movies about things that happened on the 13th floor. But I don’t follow science fiction or gory murder creepy New York City scare the *Bee gees-us* out of you movies. I am more a maven a fair housing advocacy and I think seven is the magic number in which an eviction trails behind you or is that bankruptcy?. Imagine 7 years after being evicted still being accused of being a bad or risky tenant?. If you had been evicted ever once even what would you prioritize every month from then on for a long time to come? Yeah rent eats first. That’s it for me. I choose seven. I like it because it’s uneven.

  2. Linda: You bring up some interesting points, but I have to disagree. I like the number 13 and think it’s gotten a bad name, no fault of its own. Not appreciating the short shrift and the love of a baker’s dozen has me siding with the number 13.

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