Strength Training Or Cardio?

When you exercise, are you more likely to work on strength training, or increase your heart rate?

Share why if you wish.

Strength Training Or Cardio?

2 thoughts on “Strength Training Or Cardio?”

  1. As you age, you should focus on so many levels of fitness (e.g. physical, intellectual, emotional). Regarding physical fitness, there’s cardio, strength training, flexibility, and balance, at a minimum.

    My daily fitness routine includes cardio and strength training, but most of the time and effort go into strength training. I should balance it out a bit more and include the other subcategories listed above.

  2. Pretty much what Michael said.

    I have at least two strength workouts per week that include balance and flexibility, and three or more walk/bike/run workouts that may or may not rise to cardio level, but maintain endurance and bone health.

    Here’s hoping this keeps me healthy as I age.

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