Driver Or Passenger?

When you are in the car, would you prefer to be the driver, in control? Or would you rather be the passenger, along for the ride?

Share why if you wish.

Driver Or Passenger?

3 thoughts on “Driver Or Passenger?”

  1. Well, I don’t drive, so this is an easy one for me. I’m always a passenger.

    As it pertains to life outside the automobile, I would like to think of myself as the driver, but recent events have proven otherwise. We’re all just along for the ride in this world.

  2. Whenever possible, if there is more than me in the car, I prefer to be the passenger. It makes me nervous to drive with others.

  3. As passenger, I can help with navigation/sign reading; also, I can read a book or watch a video or whatever. And driving is stressful. But if I don’t trust the driver’s skill, or dislike their style a lot, I’d be happier driving.

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