3 thoughts on “How Have Your TV Viewing Patterns Changed?”

  1. Come to think of it, I hardly watch TV at all.
    If I do, I’m following a series on Netflix that I can watch at my convince.
    Or perhaps I will watch a movie. Sadly to say, I get comfortable with my kitty Elizabeth and the heating pad and fall asleep. (Does this show my age? ) It sometimes takes me 2 or 3 days to finish it up. Haha 😄.


  2. We switched to Netflix many years ago and then added Amazon Prime. We also use Hulu and Disney+.

    Since I’ve retired, I’m on Netflix and Amazon all the time, binging Korean series (SO many KDramas!!! So much fun!), and branching out into Japanese and Italian recently.

  3. I never watch any TV on a weekly basis, and I used to all the time. Even if something is released weekly, I’ll wait to watch it until an entire season — or an entire series — is available to watch all at once.

    I also really like not having commercial breaks, although I suspect they will return shortly, even on streaming platforms.

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