What Makes A Perfect Day?

If you can imagine in your mind a perfect day, what exactly would that mean? What are the necessary ingredients?

There are many things that can make a day nice, or pleasant, or even pretty great.

Maybe you wake up feeling particularly refreshed. Or the weather has lots of sun (or even rain, if that is what you prefer). Perhaps you get some good news, or some bit of luck comes your way.

However, what would make a day perfect? What are the components that would need to occur for a day to achieve that lofty adjective?

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Or is it the case that we don’t really know what goes into a really wonderful day? Can a day be full of surprises, and be perfect — or at least, fantastic — because of it?

Time spent with loved ones, lovely weather, doing a beloved hobby, helping someone in need, an extra hour in the day — what makes a perfect day?

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1 thought on “What Makes A Perfect Day?”

  1. A perfect day involves nothing too much out of the ordinary, but everything falls just right. To set a context, it is a Saturday, the temperature is right at the level to wear a long-sleeved shirt, and I will have no anxious or depressive thoughts or feelings.

    I wake up early, feeling motivated to work out. The workout is challenging and invigorating at the same time. Next, Rebecca, Luca, and I take a long walk around the neighborhood. Rebecca and I share our plans for the day and help each other digest the week that just was and the new one we will enter soon. We have a nice and helpful conversation. When we return, I get my laptop out, sit in my comfy living room chair, and settle in for a two-hour conversation with my friend, Lee Urton. Each Saturday, he and I also chat about the week that was as well as come up with questions for our blog, The Intellectual Roundtable. Before moving on, I write an expression of gratitude about someone or thing I cherish. Once that’s complete, I feel happily compelled to get ahead of weekend tasks, making the rest of the weekend feel open and free.

    The day started right, I enter the midday with a mix of tasks and hobbies I love. To begin, I go out to my heirloom garden and take many colorful pictures, some highlighting details in specific vegetables, others showing how diverse the plant life is in each raised bed. I finish time out in the garden by harvesting a basketful of healthy warm-weather veggies from my plot. I head in and share a good number of my pictures on social media because I love to share the beauty that can come from the soil as well as recruit new heirloom gardeners. Oh, and Rebecca expresses joy at the number of tomatoes I have harvested.

    Mid-afternoon involves a trip to The Next Chapter Booksellers, where I find another book to put on my bookshelf. But I shouldn’t fool myself; I have plenty of other books ahead of the queue to read. Perhaps I also visit Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply. I end the afternoon by reading a book or magazine as well as thanking people who’ve commented on my garden pictures. I check out my Facebook feed and interact with my broader social network.

    Evening begins with eating something yummy Rebecca has made for dinner while watching some streaming TV. I end the day writing some reflections and listening to music for about an hour. As I like to begin the day early, it’s early to bed.

    This is a perfect day.

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