What Is The Most Interesting Thing About You?

Everybody has many things that are interesting about them. Of all of them, which one is most interesting about you?

It can be fun to think of all the various ways you are interesting. It might be an event that happened in your past, a physical characteristic, or even something about the people you know. Some people have an unusual name, a funny story about how they met their partner, or maybe they can do a “stupid human trick”.

There are many, many ways of being interesting.

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Of course, the types of things that one finds interesting varies from person to person, so what may be interesting to one may not be interesting to another.

With that in mind, what is interesting about you? Do you think that other people can appreciate the ways in which you think you are unusual, or different, or funny? In general, do you think that other people find you interesting in the same way you find yourself interesting?

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1 thought on “What Is The Most Interesting Thing About You?”

  1. Right now, the most interesting thing about me is that I am a passionate ambassador for heirloom gardening. I grow a fair amount of food in several raised beds. I take pictures of some of the most beautiful produce and post it on social media. I also encourage others who ask me for advice to give this endeavor a chance to become one of their hobbies.

    As for something in my past, I’ve run seven marathons with a respectable PR of 3:44:58. Unfortunately, I am injury-prone, so I had to give up further long-distance running roughly 18 years ago.

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