Car Or Public Transit?

Americans have a love affair with automobiles. But public transit can offer a cheaper, more environmentally-friendly alternative. Do you prefer the car or public transit?

Car Or Public Transit?

4 thoughts on “Car Or Public Transit?”

  1. There is no public transportation where I live I could explain further but trust me I am in rural Minnesota and there is no public transportation where I live. That does impede progress. A horse and buggy might be better than asking for a bus after 6:00 at night or on weekends. Does that sound like 2023 to you? Me neither

  2. This is surprisingly difficult for me.

    Of course, I do not own a car, and I’ve never had a license, so obviously I do not have the typical love affair with cars that many people do. However, my wife drives, and I often ride with her, so I ride in cars more often than I take public transit.

    And of course, as a cyclist, my hated arch-enemy is the bus.

    But I can still recognize the value public transit brings, and I think there should be more of it, and it should be cheaper, besides.

    So ultimately, if I can’t select a third option: bicycle, I’ll go with public transit.

  3. I’m glad they are both available to me. I probably used them equally when I lived in the Boston area. When visiting New York, public transportation was my preference! Now that I live in rural-ish Illinois, I don’t have the option of public transportation, so my car is my favorite “magic carpet.”

  4. This is a hard question for me. I have a lot of what the car is, a personalization of my transportation vehicle that i can use for almost anything I want travel wise. But, public transport around a city is much much better. I have a love for trains, and love the idea of the fact that these massive trains and cars exist.

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