What Was Notable About The Past Year?

As the year draws to a close, it is natural to look back on the events of the previous 365 days. What happened that was notable?

Over the course of a year, many things happen. Some are happy; others sad. Some might make you joyful, or frustrated, or might even leave you feeling indifferent.

As a subset of everything that happened, there are the events that are notable, for one reason or another.

For a start, it may be personally notable for you specifically. Perhaps you lost and/or started a job. Maybe you relocated. You may have lost someone close to you, or experienced a significant birthday. A personally notable event is something that impacts your everyday life in a pretty major way.

Then there are those things that happen to those people close to you. Someone may have had a health scare, or a sibling welcomed a new baby to the mix. These things may not directly impact you, but may have changed the lives of those you care about the most.

Then there are things with broader significance, but may be even further removed from your day-to-day life. Think political unrest (at home or abroad), or maybe environmental disasters, like flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, or something similar. Ongoing or starting wars or conflicts are another possibility.

So what are your high-(or low-)lights from the year just passed? Was it more or less eventful from previous years?

Related questions: What news from the last year made you optimistic? Who is your MVP for the year? What is something you are glad you did this year? What should you let go of?

1 thought on “What Was Notable About The Past Year?”

  1. In the personal sphere, I was hospitalized for three and half days for a severe case of pneumonia. While there’s a ton I could say about the experience, the main thing on my mind was that a nurse told me it might take a couple of months to recover fully. That would have put a significant damper on the trip Rebecca and I had planned for Greece.

    Thankfully, I bounced back to better health within a couple of weeks, and Rebecca and I had a wonderful time exploring Athens and three of the lesser-traveled Greek islands. Also of note on the travel front, I spent ten days evenly split between Budapest and Prague. Beautiful pedestrian walkways demanded my camera be put to constant use, and guided tours spurred me to want to know much more about foreign affairs. I’ve made reading about international topics a regular practice ever since.

    On the work front, I am the Public Policy Director at HOME Line, a tenants’ rights organization. Of the pro-tenant policy proposals that passed the Minnesota Legislature this year, HOME Line spearheaded half of the topics. While I did not do this work alone, I did play a lead role in pushing the legislation. That made the statement of a colleague of mine, whose tenant advocacy spans over 40 years, quite gratifying. He noted that these changes amounted to the most substantial shift in Minnesota tenant/landlord law in a single session of the Legislature in the 165-year history of the state.

    I also supported the work to reform the Renters Credit this past session. The win means more money in poor folks’ pockets, including 119,000 Minnesotans getting the credit they didn’t know about earlier but for which they have been eligible.

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