2 thoughts on “Do You Read Reviews?”

  1. I used to be an avid reader of reviews. In fact, I had a subscription to the magazine Entertainment Weekly and would read each issue cover to cover.

    However, eventually I stopped.

    I realized that when it came to movies, I was either interested in seeing it or I was not, regardless of what I might read about it. I was much more interested in the actors, the director, and so on, and less interested if some critic praised or panned it.

    For music, I find that most writing about music is pointless. Without being able to actually hear the music, a text article about an audio experience almost never captures the experience, and most attempts to do so are unhelpful at best, and impenetrable at worst.

    Writing about TV was the most helpful, because there were so many shows, on such a wide number of channels, that it was easy to miss something new. Reading about the new or notable shows directly addressed that. But now, unless I subscribe to dozens of streaming channels and have a pricey cable subscription to boot, I am going to miss a bunch of stuff anyway.

    So as a result, now I rarely read reviews.

  2. I only read music reviews, but only after I have listened to the album or songs to form my own opinion. I want to understand music more fully; some reviewers help me accomplish that. That said, it must be noted that a large number of music reviewers use jargon and obscure references, rendering their pieces totally unuseful to the general public.

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