Do You Go To Reunions?

Whether it is for school, family, or work, people like to get together to see how friends and loved ones are doing. As well as to relive past glories and experiences. Have you been to a reunion of some sort? Do you intend to go to one in the future?

Share why if you wish.

3 thoughts on “Do You Go To Reunions?”

  1. Let’s see… I went to my high school’s 5-year reunion (too soon!) and my wife’s 20-year class reunion; I have been to family reunions, both my own and my wife’s; and most memorably, I attended a high school speech reunion years ago for the retirement of my speech coach. That one was my favorite, for many reasons.

    For one, it was great to see so many people again, of course. There were many of my friends, but also many students from years before and after me, and we all had a common bond, whether we knew each other’s names or not.

    Second, it happened relatively early in the budding relationship between my now wife Marsha. She attended the reunion, even though she didn’t know anyone. There was a memorable moment with the hugely-influential Chuck Beckman, a towering figure in the speech and English department from my school.

    He came upon a group of us talking, and went one by one through the entire group, saying hello and asking about us. He got to Marsha, who of course he did not know, and Marsha (an English teacher herself) pretended to be outraged. “You don’t remember me? I took classes from you for four years! You wrote me a college recommendation!” He grew more and more flustered, trying to remember her, until she let him off the hook. He later mentioned the entire exchange when delivering an address to the reunion, to much laughter and applause.

    Lastly, at least a dozen people (including me!) got up to talk about their time in speech class and how it shaped them. The speeches, of course, were excellent.

  2. I went to a high school reunion, maybe 20th? 25th? And one college reunion. The high school one was okay-ish. The college one wasn’t, because none of the people I’d want to see were there. I wouldn’t do another of either. College for the same reason the previous one wasn’t fun. HS because I just don’t want to be in my home town for any non-critical reason.

    The weird thing about the HS reunion was how people seemed to be pleased to see me, even though none of us were actually friends back then.

  3. I’ve been to all my high school reunions, as well as one from my first post-law school job. On the other hand, I skipped several law school reunions (finally went to #25).

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